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Weber labels and foils are suited for every application, for every surface and for all materials and in sizes.

We offer you many labelling solutions, perfectly matched to the requirements of a broad range of business.

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Labelling machines are user-friendly and very versatile for the automatic labelling of a variety of products.

Weber Marking offers different types of labelling machines.

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Inkjet printers

With the different control units of the Markoprint product range, Weber Marking is the only manufacturer worldwide able to centrally control three printing technologies.

Inkjet systems are ideal partners for a whole range of different coding requirements.

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Using RFID, products and transit casing can be rapidly identified in a reliable, error-free manner, even under adverse environmental conditions.

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Weber Marking Systems is your specialist for marking products with labels and inkjet printing.

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Barcode label printers – easy and effective

Selling and distributing packages is a business that shouldn’t be underestimated. Using barcode label printers is an easy and effective way of keeping control. The key to success is to be equipped with a proper system, allowing you to order and manage your stock and out-going products. While a modern labelling machine is able to create the necessary print, there is far more to it than that. Aside from barcode printing, devices can also create tags and access online databases. Weber Marking provides customers with different kinds of such machines. These can be small handheld machines, which just scan and write, or complete systems of label applicators. It is also possible to create different kinds of tags, for instance flag & spine tags. Weber Marking Solutions can also allow for a comprehensive supply of labels.

Label applicators: design and print your labels

Alongside devices scanning barcodes and writing/reading tags, Weber Marking also specialise in customising and supplying automatic label applicators. These work as follows – clients design their labels in a computer and then send it to the machine. The label applicator systems are subdivided into difference series which have the following specific features:

  • The speed of the devices is programmable, which enables the creation of up to 6.000 linear inches per minute.
  • The engine of the machine has a stepper- or servo-motor, that has a peel-tip sensing application.
  • Either gentle- or non-contact methods that protect the surface and guarantee high quality product.
  • Exceptional placement accuracy, ensuring that the final label is corresponds to the original plan.
  • The devices are easy to use. Some simple handholds are required for doing maintenance and other functions that can be done without the help of supervisor.

This special kind of labelling machine is recommended for clients wanting to design and print their own ideas. But there are of course alternatives as well.

RFID Flag Tag
RFID Flag Tag
RFID Flag Tag Applikator
RFID Flag Tag Applikator
RFID Portable Slap Ship
RFID Portable Slap Ship

RFID barcode scanning systems

Aside from barcode label printers, there are also smaller devices that can be used more practically. RFID-technology allows you to locate and verify the marked products quickly. Clients have the choice of how they want to use this way of labelling - either they can choose the handheld device with a bar code scanner and a tag-reading and writing function, or a mobile/online version. Barcode printing is only available with the mobile or online device, because this one is connected to a label printer which can produce the labels directly. These barcode label printers then communicate with the scanners using RFID. This allows the device to scan the code, create an EPC and then write it directly to tags.

There are many advantages to using the barcode label printers together with the scanner in a mobile or online version. A mobile printer can be used at any place in the store – scanning and printing on site. In contrast, the online barcode label printers are installed in an office. They use their connection to the Internet to look up important details in databases, so that all the necessary information can be collected and printed on the label. The smaller handheld devices are not equipped with barcode label printers, but they guarantee a top mobility.

Weber Marking is your specialist for soft- and hardware label printing solutions.