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Weber Marking Systems GmbH

Maarweg 33
53619 Rheinbreitbach

Entry-class desktop-printers with plastic housing

Printers description resolution
width of opening (mm)interfaces options
 203 108 RS232, parallel, USBA,C,G,H,Q,

Options: A = blade, B = ribbon saver, C = memory extension, D = dispensing unit/internal rewinder, E = external rewinder, F = internal label rewinder, G = coaxial interface, H = twin-axial interface, I = parallel interface, J = RS422 interface, K = RS 485 interface, L = Display, M = 300 dpi thermal strip, N = thermal transfer, O = date/time function (no real-time update), Q = real-time clock, R = Ethernet interface, external, S = Ethernet interface, internal, T = fanfolding module, U = Unicode pre-installed, Y = remote display up to 7.5 m.

Overview of the labeling products as pdf


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