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Markoprint X1JET

Small, compact, independently operating print head for an easy integration in already existing production lines.

X1JET front
Markoprint X1JET back

Markoprint X1JET is designed for different range of applications i.E. food & beverage, chemical, coated / uncoated materials, timber and the pharmaceutical industry

  • Easy to use
    No training necessary: printing with the Markoprint X1JET is simple, due to 3-logic intuitive operation with LED status light. Data transmission is is initialized with USB stick / interface.
  • Universal and flexible use
    Markoprint X1JET uses True Type fonts for printing. All conventional 1- and 2-dimensional codes* can be printed. The controller is fully integrated into the print module.
  • Control
    Different performing system versions are available, with different functional features, depending on application requirements: Print, Basic, Advanced and Pro. The basic system version allows data transmission via USB stick. Each controllerhas a network connection (LAN) or a standard EIA-232 interface. Print layouts are created with iDesign software.
  • Wide range of standard accessories

    Ein breites Tintensortiment bestehend aus wasser- und solventbasierten Tinten erschließt viele Anwendungen
X1JET XR front
X1JET XR back

The new printing system from Markoprint is based on thetried-and-test XAAR Piezo technology. As well as the printhead,the compact housing of X1JET XR also includes the inksystem, cleaning station and control electronics.

  • High resolution printing with 180 dpi and a print height of
    up to 54 mm including bar codes and graphics
  • Easy nozzle cleaning thanks to the integrated maintenancstation
  • Pigmented oil-based ink for absorbent surfaces
  • The 382 nozzles of the printer can be controlled individually
X1JET premium front
X1JET premium back

Compact, independently functioning printhead for easy integrationinto existing production environments.

  • Also available with iCode cartridges monitoring to automatically detect the ink type in use and the setting of the corresponding parameters (e.g. ink level)
  • Subject to variable control via an interface
  • Stores up to nine print images
  • Integrated photo sensor to activate printing automaticall
X1JET HP Stitch front
X1JET HP Stitch back

The unique small controller and printer is combined in one unit.

  • Stackable for using more than one at a time
  • Can be used in confined installation conditions
  • Particularly advantageous when installing several printerse.g. with a multi-line thermoform packaging plant to printseveral print images simultaneously
  • Electronics are mounted behind the cartridge to save space

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