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Labelling machines

Label printing can't be done with any machine: Weber Marking offers different types of labelling systems:

Label dispensers use pre-printed labels and are employed for wrap-around labelling, for the labelling of top-surfaces, side panels, bases or front labelling. Depending on the dispenser, labels can be either continuously applied or in start/stop or cyclical operation.


Label printer and dispensers are used for the fully automatic printing and positioning of labels on products, trays, packaging and pallets. We can work together with you to draw up your own customised labelling system.


Continuous double-sided pallet labelling: Bluhm Systeme presents a new modularly constructed pallet labeller, the Legi-Air 4050 P, for continuous pallet labelling. The system also offers numerous advantages with respect to speed, reliability, scope of application, size and serviceability.


Fast, reliable, economical solutions to product labelling: Geset 100, 300 and 700 labelling machines are part of a modular system.Up to 50 modules are available for design solutions to customer demands.


Bluhm Systeme applicators offer different labelling options: Labelling from all sides, change of format, critical surfaces and many more.


Laser-technology: labelling ceramics and glass

In order to store products properly, shops and warehouses need a system that helps them to maintain control over their stock. Printed labels on every box and package are the best way to organise and structure the business. There are several ways to get those labels, but professional hardware is needed. Label printing can’t be done with just any machine, because only special tools meet the requirements. Those machines, which use modern RFID-technology are often combined with a bar code scanner, so it can be done all at once: scanning, writing/reading tags, and printing the final label. This makes things quite easy, because it offers the possibility to provide packages with the decals on site.

Weber Marking offers different types of labelling machines: The RFID-solution is just one system that can be used for the purpose of labelling products. Another one is, for example, the laser lettering: It allows to put tags on different materials – without using consumables. As the laser is very powerful, it is possible to write those tags even on the following surfaces :

  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Synthetic material
  • Rubber
  • Printing on anodised and already printed surfaces

Printed labels with inkjet-lettering


Aside from laser-technology, most of the labels are created using inkjet-printers. The trick is to know which printer is suitable for which project. For that purpose, Weber Marking uses different kinds of inkjet-printers and benefits from huge experience in label printing. These inkjet procedures are therefore the best way to place product IDs on packages, wood, metal, etc. The spectrum of the possibilities is wide: Clients can achieve a single label printing, but these machines can also produce more hundred labels per minute.


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The machines and methods Weber Marking offers guarantee an appropriate tagging of all kinds of products. This sounds quite simple, but the label printing is essential for efficient operations: doctors and hospitals have to write the right specifications on medicine, megastores need to quickly identify right product in the system which the client is asking for and finally, couriers use own labels to keep control of all the packages.

Different methods - one system

It is even possible for one company to adopt several of these label printing techniques. In this case, people can control all these different kinds with just one software - bluhm ware. It allows the full control of all systems from Weber Marking. This is the most comfortable way of accessing the single tasks and setting up new ones. The software converts data from the client’s host and communicates them to the single systems of label printing. The big advantages of using this software are easy access and simple operating mechanics: one single protocol is enough to control different kinds of printing systems.

As it was said before, label printing is one of the most necessary and – at the same time -underestimated disciplines of organising and structuring products. Weber Marking provides customers with professional tools and service.


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