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The Barcode Reader – efficiency in the form of a device

The "Portable Slap & Ship” solution utilises a new kind of small handheld reader. The device can scan in barcodes and also contains a read/write unit for tags.


Barcode content is automatically converted into an EPC (Electronic Product Code) and the data is immediately written to a tag, without a printing unit being required. “Handy Tags” ensure the process is both rapid and uncomplicated. In order to ensure satisfactory performance in later processing, even when using on metal surfaces and products containing liquids, “Handy Flag Tags” are available, equipped with a special backing paper. No additional equipment is necessary: the label can later be simply folded by hand so that the portion containing the RFID tag is raised slightly above the surface. This significantly improves the read performance.

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Easy transmission of product details

The innovative RFID technology facilitates the process of identifying products and acquiring all the necessary information regarding the different products. Even with difficult ‘external’ conditions including metallic surfaces, the chip-based system allows for an easy transmission of product details. The 'main piece' of this technology consists of a transponder – a chip which stores the data, also known as the Electronic Product Code (EPC).

This code and all the included information can then be read by barcode readers. Today these handy devices are no long simply readers, but now also multifunctional with functions that write new tags. With these practical readers it is just as easy to scan barcodes and write or read tags as it is to print new ones at the same time. Here, the device makes work processes easier and improved time efficiency. In comparison to only a few years ago when everything had to be registered, counted or read manually, the new generation of readers, together with technologies like RFID, have really made logistical processes a lot simpler.

How does it work?

The former original barcode system is being gradually complemented by this new technology. Regardless, the Weber Marking Barcode Reader is designed and able to manage both of these systems. This device fully equipped for both barcode reading as well as for dealing with the new RFID technology.

When the barcode is read it directly transforms this information read into an EPC. If required, the obtained data can then be instantly printed onto a tag. The practical Barcode Reader substitutes an additional printer when tags are needed immediately. Just one device combines all functions which are necessary for an efficient work-processes in logistical and similar businesses, even though a professional bar code label printer is typically recommended for the general printing of labels and tags.

Special features of the barcode reader

Aside from the already mentioned functions of the reader, there is an additional feature which can be used to manage more ‘extreme’ cases. Handy Tags ensure that a smooth workflow is guaranteed in all circumstances. Products containing liquids or with metal surfaces are sometimes difficult to deal with in terms of reading their information or writing a useful tag for them. Such difficulties can be eased by using the ‘Handy Flag Tags’ – tags made from a special paper.

This label or tag can also be made bolder allowing for improved legibility. Due to the special bolding a little distance is created between the product surface and the part of the tag which includes the RFID-encoded information. The information can then be read in a simple manner without being negatively affected by the surface. With the barcode reader no other devices or equipment is necessary – it’s all included in one reader.


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