5 reasons to choose our electric print and apply labeling systems

Weber Marking Systems introduces the future of labeling through electric print and apply labeling systems that can be integrated in your production or packaging line.

If phones, homes, and cars are are now powered with electricity, why shouldn’t packaging lines be it too?

Corner Wrap Labeling represent one of the most common applications in the pharmaceutical packaging line.

The requests of serialization and aggregation have created the need of providing ranges of solutions dedicated to univocally identifying products and guarantee an increasing productivity and maximum flexibility.

In this context, Weber Marking Systems has developed a completely electric print and apply labeling system to satisfy the requests of pharmaceutical companies, guaranteeing safety for operators, precision, and reliability.

The LA4050B Corner Wrap pictures perfectly all the advantages offered by electric print and apply labeling systems when compared to a pneumatic

Here are some of the advantages provided by the electric print and apply labeling system LA4050B Corner Wrap:

1) The movements of the two electric applicators are singularly programmable to guarantee maximum flexibility in labeling programs. The labeling system LA4050 CW can apply labels on every side of the box by simply changing the labeling program.

2) The applicators’ low torque and pads make the LA4050B CW the safest electric print and apply labeling system in the market.

3) Electric movements allow precise and easily repeatable results that ensure maximum labeling reliability.

4) The use of electric motors for moving the applicators reduces total cost of ownership by 80% in comparison to a pneumatic model, guaranteeing a quick Return on Investment  (ROI).

5) The removal of pneumatics in favor of electricity means less frequent, simpler and less expensive maintenance intervals.

Still not convinced that the LA4050 Corner Wrap is a top corner labeling system? Then try Weber Marking System as your partner for your next labeling project.