Eco-friendly labels and their advantages

Happily, eco-friendly labels are in high demand. That is why we keep reporting on them in the Weber Marking Systems blog. This article introduces the wealth of options for eco-friendly labeling. In particular, we show you the advantages of four types of labels: compostable labels, grass-based labels, stone-paper labels and sugar-cane labels.

Compostable labels

Compostable labels have several advantages, including the following:

  • Face stock and adhesive both fully recyclable.
  • Available in two different versions: face stock in white, shiny foil or transparent foil.
  • Printable with thermal-transfer printers.
  • Wood-pulp labels: biodegradable and compostable.
  • “OK Compost”–certified adhesive.

Request samples of compostable labels:

Samples: Compostable Labels

Grass-Based labels

Grass-based labels offer quite some advantages. Here are some of them:

    • Fresh-fibre paper consisting to 50% each of grass and cellulose.
    • Made out of grass pellets without chemical additives.
    • Can replace all usual paper applications.
    • Can be fully recycled together with other packaging papers.
    • Is available with permanent or peel-off adhesive.
    • Printable with thermal-transfer printers.

Request samples of grass-based labels:

Samples: Grass-Based Labels

Stone-Paper labels

Here are some of the advantages of stone-paper labels:

    • Consist of powdered stone.
    • Binding agent is recycled PE (about 20%).
    • Matte white, durable labeling material.
    • Paper-like finish, hard to tear and water-resistant.
    • Printable with thermal-transfer printers.
    • 100% cellulose-free.
    • Strong adhesive.

Request samples of stone-paper labels:

Samples: Stone-Paper Labels

Sugar-Cane labels

Sugar-cane labels offer several advantages, including these:

  • Bio-based polyethylene film made of sugar-cane-ethanol granules (face stock).
  • Similar functions to conventional PE label material.
  • Plant-based PE foil can be recycled in standard recycling for polyolefins.
  • Available with white or transparent face stock.
  • Strong adhesive.

Request samples of sugar-cane labels:

Samples: Sugar-Cane Labels

Eco-Friendly Product and Packaging Marking

How can you make product and packaging marking greener? Find out more in our whitepaper “Marking for the Future”:

Whitepaper Sustainable