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Thermal vs Continuous inkjet printing – Which is more efficient and sustainable?

Food safety and climate neutrality. That makes the sustainable THT printer the future. In addition, it is better for people and the environment. Why? Keep reading to find out the answer.

DOD inkjet printing vs continuous inkjet printing

Klein karakterprinterInkjet printing emerged in the 20th century, but the best development is the discovery of the Drop On Demand (DOD) technology invented by Zoltan in 1972. DOD technology is more advanced than continuous inkjet printing. And today it provides cleaner printing and production environments that help create a more sustainable future for people and the environment.


Thermal inkjet printing has a lower TCO

schone productieomgevingFor printing variable data on products, you can use different types of technology. One of them is thermal inkjet printing. This technology does not cause any wear and tear on moving parts and does not require a maintenance contract.

This contrasts to continuous inkjet printing, where a continuous stream of ink drops comes out. This causes a dirty production environment and a very unpleasant smell. The dust that is released is also harmful to workers. As a result, thermal inkjet printing has a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than continuous inkjet printing.


Thermal inkjet printers are better to print expiry dates

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Every day in the supermarket consumers come across expiry dates that are dotted. By this we mean a use-by date consisting of little dots of ink that are not always easy to read.


With the help of thermal inkjet technology, super sharp dates can be printed printed. This technology is more sustainable and is able to better tells consumers how long the product can be kept. In addition, it causes far fewer errors in recalling batch and lot numbers. This in turn ensures less food waste and more food safety.


Thermal inkjet printing is more sustainable

Continuous inkjet printing is still widely used nowadays. Every entrepreneur who has a continuous inkjet printer should ask himself why. They are more expensive and more damaging than thermal inkjet printers. Apart from this, thermal inkjet printers have less downtime and pay for themselves in no time.


Advantages of thermal inkjet printing

To sum up, here are some of the advantages of thermal inkjet printing:

  • Clean working environment.
  • Less maintenance.
  • No waste of ink.
  • Better for people and the environment.
  • Cheaper than continuous inkjet printing.

Are you open to sustainable production? Then choose a thermal inkjet printer and you will be working towards a cleaner future for all of us.

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