3 reasons for an internal LPN track & trace system

During Covid-19 people and businesses are changing. More and more people are buying online and therefore companies are adapting their processes with a LPN track & trace. Customers want products delivered quickly and sellers want accurate and fast deliveries.

The online shift means there is more need for real-time stock management and less room for errors and delays in the order processing and shipping process. With an internal LPN track & trace system, you speed up the process and gain real-time insight into your stock, enabling you to offer the desired service to your customers.


What is an internal LPN track & trace system?

An internal LPN track & trace system can be used in various processes. When you link the processes to each other, you get real-time insight into stock, location of goods and status of orders.

How does labeling with a License Plate Number (LPN) work?

The product’s shipping packaging, such as for example a packing box, a floating pack, a (plastic) bag or an envelope, is labeled with an LPN label. An LPN label is a label with a unique number, which only fits on one pallet or one box. The License Plate Number is linked to information about the relevant shipping packaging, such as relevant dates and lot numbers.

When the LPN label is scanned elsewhere in the warehouse, the person concerned knows exactly what should happen to it or where it should go.

In fast moving consumer goods or consumer packaged goods, an LPN label is the primary means of identification or a secondary control item. LPN labels are consecutively numbered. They can be stuck around corners. As a result, the label with the LPN is readable on two sides and the package is easier to handle. For pallets, shipping labels can be applied to the 4 sides of the pallet.


How does the LPN track & trace system work in practice?

vrouw_scant_LPN_labelLPN are applied to pallets, crates or outer boxes. Because of this, products can be identified on arrival and traced until they leave the warehouse. An LPN label can also be applied to boxes during the order processing and shipping process. This makes it easier to pick orders and the dispatch line automatically knows which dispatch label to attach.


LPN in stock management and storage

LPN labels are crucial for accurate stock management in a distribution centre. After all, hundreds of boxes and pallets go in and out of these centres every day. An LPN track & trace system improves the speed of goods processing, providing real-time insight into what and where the stock is.

LPN in distribution centres

In large distribution centres, the LPN label is the primary identification of the parcel to be shipped. It contains all the necessary information about the parcel and activates the logistics system to retrieve the correct logistics data from the warehouse management system. Thus, the labeling system automatically prints a second label with the correct shipping information and applies it automatically so that the parcel can finally leave the warehouse.

LPN labeling increases speed


Due to the speed of the order processing, fast labeling systems are needed to apply the labels to the boxes at high speed. Our label dispenser Alpha HSM (High Speed Modular) can apply pre-printed LPN labels at a speed of up to 2000 labels per hour.

For packages with a variable height, Weber Marking Systems has created the LA6000 High Speed Tamp Blow System. It has the possibility to print and apply pre-printed labels or blank labels at different heights. Therefore, the LA6000 is ideally suited for LPN or shipping labels.


LPN optimises the order processing and shipping process

When there are many orders to process, it is wise to optimise the order processing and shipping process with an LPN track & trace system. This ensures that empty boxes with an LPN label are assigned an order and that the order can be picked more easily, stock can be directly debited and automatically shipped.

Case study: the order processing and shipping process of Kleertjes.com

doos_met_LPN_barcode_labelKleertjes.com is a webshop for baby and children’s clothing. To speed up the order dispatch process, they use an internal track & trace system through LPN.

A blank box or outer packaging is provided with an LPN label. An order is linked to this label. The box continues its way through the order picking process, either manually or automatically.

When the box is filled with products, it goes to the shipping line. LPN tells the warehouse management or entreprise resource planning system where to send the box, prints a shipping label and applies it automatically. LPN labels can be applied manually or automatically.

Watch the video of Kleertjes.com to see the order processing and shipping process with LPN. An Alpha Compact label dispenser is used to apply a pre-printed LPN (License Plate Number) on the box while an LA 4050 E label printer and dispenser prints the shipping label based on the LPN and applies it automatically.

Receive LPN opportunitues for e-commerce

Enough reasons to switch to a LPN track & trace system

1. Real-time insight into stock.
2. Faster processing in the warehouse.
3. Fewer errors.

LPN track & trace systems contribute to higher capacity and save costs, so what are you waiting for? Check which LPN label is best for your business or get advice about the possibilities from Weber Marking Systems.

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