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NEW inks for thermal inkjet printers: maximize your efficiency!

For excellent marking and coding results on all substrates and in every industry, Weber Marking Systems constantly extends its range of inks for thermal inkjet printers. After recently introducing our GMP certified ink HP2580 for food packagings, we now have some more good news for you!

Radiant yellow inkjet print ink for smooth surfaces: Markoprint SDYEL

For high-contrast prints on dark and colored surfaces, we have developed a yellow pigmented, solvent-based ink: Markoprint SDYEL. The ink cartridges are based on HP printing technology which is known for high resolution quality, fast printing speed as well as clean, simple and efficient operation.

The ink formulation adheres particularly well to smooth materials such as plastics, rubber and metals. The print results are rich in contrast and resistant to abrasion, UV light and high temperatures. With these properties, the ink is especially suitable for applications in the automotive, electronics and plastics industries.

Deep black ink for heavy-duty applications: Inkjet print ink Markoprint UVBLK1

Markoprint IP-JET HP

Our new black HP ink Markoprint UVBLK1 is made for use in challenging production environments. It is UV-curable and marks reliably even on substrates with residues of cleaning agents and other substances. Due to its extraordinary opacity, UVBLK1 is predestinated for ‘heavy-duty’ applications like in the chemical industry. It can, for instance, be used before and after washing lines.

UVBLK1 is also free of MOSH, MOAH and nanoparticles. Since the ink is suitable for many different materials at once, there is no more need for time-consuming and expensive cartridge changes. Increase your productivity instead!

Markoprint central-ink-supply now works with solvent-based inks

Our central ink supply system and is a great way to save inkjet printing costs by reducing the number of cartridge changes in running production. It holds up to 400 ml of ink which is 10 times the amount of ink found in a single HP inkjet cartridge.

The bulk system is now also able to process our fast-drying, solvent-based ink Markoprint SDBLK5 which is perfect for printing high-edge-contrast barcodes and data matrix codes in continuous production. This opens up new high-speed inkjet printing applications (up to 180 meters per minute!) on smooth substrates such as plastic, glass or metals.

Markoprint ZTV Zentrale Tintenversorgung von Bluhm Systeme

Put our inkjet print inks to the test!

Inkjet technology is up and coming for all sorts of industrial identification applications, from product marking to carton labeling. Want to see what it looks like on your own packagings? Contact us now for more information and printing samples!

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