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Weber Marking Systems Netherlands celebrates 30 year anniversary

We say Happy Birthday to Weber Marking Systems in the Netherlands! Our subsidiary in Almere exists 30 years now, which is also a 30 year anniversary for Peter Bogers as their Managing Director. This has not been unnoticed, of course. As the current situation around Covid-19 unfortunately did not allow for a big celebration, Peter Bogers and all the personnel present were surprised with a modest drink.

How it started

The American company Weber Marking Systems Inc. wanted to further expand the joint venture Bluhm Weber Group (located in Germany) in Europe. In 1990 they were looking for someone to start up a Dutch establishment. This is how the then still called Weber Etiketten B.V. was formed. Peter Bogers was hired for this expansion in the Netherlands. After an induction period of 4 months at the German Bluhm Weber Group he started his career at Weber. Peter Bogers: “Weber Marking Systems is a unique company that distinguishes itself from the competition through knowledge and quality. I started on my own 30 years ago and did the production, quality control, purchasing, sales and logistics. Of course I didn’t manage that on my own for long and after 9 months a colleague joined me. That’s how we expanded every year. We are proud that this year we celebrated our 30th anniversary in the labelling and coding industry”.

Ready for further growth

Since its foundation, Weber Marking Systems has grown steadily to become a leading supplier of labelling and coding solutions. In 2009 Weber Etiketten B.V. became a full subsidiary of the Bluhm Weber Group and changed its name to Weber Marking Systems. Recently in 2018 the labelling division of Cikam has been taken over and Weber Marking Systems has experienced an enormous growth.

Peter Bogers looks to the future with confidence: “By taking over Cikam we have outgrown ourselves. We had to look for new accommodation. In the meantime we have moved and have larger production facilities, a larger office building and a larger warehouse. In addition, we are developing a showroom in which we would like to welcome all our business relations as soon as this is possible again. With these expansions we are prepared for the future and we want to make further continuous growth possible”.

Celebrating success together

Weber Marking Systems realizes that its success is the result of the efforts of all employees. “Because from production employee to account manager: we do it together. Due to the Corona crisis, we cannot celebrate this exuberantly now, but we will certainly catch up as soon as the situation returns to the way it was before. We want to celebrate with the entire staff and their families. Also for our relations we will not let this pass unnoticed. But they will hear more about that in due time,” according to Jeroen Bours, Commercial Director.

About Weber Marking Systems

Weber Marking Systems is the manufacturer of labelling and coding solutions and related self-adhesive labels. Our products are used throughout the entire chain of the food industry and, for example, the logistics, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Our promise is to introduce technologies that are capable of optimizing the packaging process, product identification and brand recognition. We are part of the Bluhm Weber Group, which employs approximately 800 people worldwide.

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