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Label dispenser gives inkjet printer a "piggyback" ride

Printing service provider Prinovis will label regional magazines to prevent confusion

Prinovis is one of the largest printing service providers in Europe. The German company and its 500 staff prints on almost 30 000 km² of paper every year, turning this into over 700 million printed products. Among other things, Prinovis prints the magazines of major newspaper publishers and puts regionally varying supplements into them before dispatch. Parcels containing on average about 50 individual copies will be assembled and heat sealed in foil. This allows up to 36,000 magazines to be assembled into packages per hour. A label dispenser of the type Alpha Compact gives an inkjet printer from our Markoprint series a "piggyback" to ensure that every package gets reliably delivered to its respective destination.

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One character per sales region

Before stacking the different parcels onto pallets, they must be reliably differentiated by marking them with the character code for their respective target region. The codes are to this end printed onto small white labels that are subsequently affixed to the packages. “We didn’t want to solve this task using a label printer with network connection and all the bells and whistles. To us, this appeared too elaborate, considering we needed to print just one character”, explained Christoph Rogalla, Prinovis Manager of finishing and logistics. The experts from Weber Marking Systems suggested to use a label dispenser with a “piggy-backed“ small printer. “We were immediately convinced of this idea”, says Rogalla.

Piggyback installation now inherent in packaging lines

Type Alpha Compact label dispensers with their “piggyback printers” are by now inherent parts in Prinovis' packaging lines. The small print heads of the Markoprint X1JET inkjet printer are located on the dispensing tongue of the applicator. The X1JETs will print the specific character onto the labels just before the dispensers wipe the 20 x 40 mm labels onto the newspaper stacks from above. Markoprint printers will normally be controlled by a desktop computer. Christoph Rogalla would, however, prefer a stand-alone controller that will not need a network connection and allow editing the printing data directly on the controller. This is because the printing data will change several times a day. Weber Marking Systems therefore added an own display to the inkjet printer for data input. The print formats could then be permanently stored there. When batches change, the operators therefore only need to enter the new character into the OLED display and the system is ready again. Self-explanatory pictograms lead the operator through the menu.

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