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Seal sticker labeling

Dextro Energy seal their products with Weber Marking Systems' Tamper Evident labeler

Dextro Energy produces the familiar Dextrose cubes, each based on eight tablets. The packaging plant bundles the product units to customer specification and packages them fully automatically. The cubes are placed on trays and then closed with cardboard lids. The lids are only removed by the trader and the trays are then conveniently placed at the point-of-sale. To ensure that the cardboard lids remain reliably attached to the product carrier until then, they are each sealed with two labels. Marking specialist Weber Marking Systems integrated two Tamper Evident labelers into the final Dextro Energy packaging plant.

Weber Marking Systems has to date installed the Tamper Evident applicators mainly in pharmaceutical companies. This is because, to protect medical products from counterfeiting, the pharmaceutical sector will be required to implement protection against tampering with unopened boxes throughout Europe by 2019 at the latest.

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"The label dispensers often work around the clock on working days. This works smoothly. Our staff will top up with new material in a few movements of the hand. And conversion to other product sizes is also simple!"

(Bernd Holtmanns, Head of Production and Technology)

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