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Mobile Slap & Ship and Online Slap & Ship

Mobile Slap & Ship” uses an RFID desktop printer placed on a mobile trolley, which can thus be used for a variety of production and logistics scenarios. Using this system, tags can be defined and printed locally at the product itself.

The operator first scans the pallet barcode, which is then transmitted to the printing unit. The printer then uses this barcode data as input for the creation of an EPC (Electronic Product Code). Finally, the labels are applied by hand to the items.

The “Online Slap & Ship” solution also involves the use of an RFID desktop printer. However, in contrast to the “Mobile Slap & Ship” variant, the “Online Slap & Ship” solution is a fixed installation, equipped with an online connection. The solution is necessary in situations where the packaging does not contain all of the information required for the automatic generation of an EPC – such as the EAN-18 number, for example. In such cases, the package or order number must be checked against a database (for example) in order to determine the EPC that should be generated.

Another scenario in which an online connection is advisable is when the ordinary EPC generation and labelling process needs to be documented in the company’s own database.

Both the “Mobile Slap & Ship” and “Online Slap & Ship” systems can process label formats from 19 x 6 mm to 228 x 2,540 mm and come with a “Flag Tag” option, which increases the read performance of RFID tags on metal surfaces or with liquids.

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RFID desktop printer Zebra R110Xi4

This high-performance industrial printer enables by combination with the innovative adaptive RFID-Coding Technology a maximum flexibility with printing, respective coding of RFID SmartLabels and up to all „Inlays“. Hereby the Zebra R110Xi4 is particularly suitable for customers that have to process a high number of different SmartLabel- or even Inlay-variants with a high output.

Benefits from the Zebra R110Xi4:

  • RFID-Desktop Printer optimized for high quantities of labels to be printed
  • flexible by adaptive RFID-coding technology (a combination of several reader-elements), enables to write on different types of transponder, if necessary also in various positions
  • cost-efficient for consumables as RFIDTransponder (so-called „Inlays“) can be coded also, thus SmartLabels are not required

More information about the desktop printer Zebra 110 Xi4-series can be found here:


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