Industrial solutions for
product marking & coding
Industrial solutions for
product marking & coding
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Marking devices / marking systems

Industrial Coding systems

Coding / Marking systems are used for industrial product identification.

What kinds of marking systems are there?

You will need a print system that conforms to what you manufacture and what your production environment is like. Which system is appropriate for you will be determined by parameters such as:

  • The material to be marked/coded (cardboard, plastic, wood, metal etc.)
  • The sector you work in - the foodstuff industry and the automotive industry, for example, have quite different requirements with regard to print quality.
  • The rate at which your products are manufactured or packaged – marking / print  systems are usually directly integrated in the production line.

These are both direct and indirect coding devices. In the case of direct marking, the necessary marks are coded / printed directly on the product itself using an inkjet printer or a laser. Indirect marking involves the use, for example, of a self adhesive labels to mark a product.

A suitable marking/coding device for your particular application

There is no hard and fast rule that can be used to identify which marking device is most suitable for you. It is essential to analyse your requirements in detail to keep costs as low as possible and achieve maximum efficiency.

We will be happy to provide you with a free quotation in this connection. Just send us as much detailed information as possible using our online enquiry form. One of our personnel will look at your needs and contact you with an offer specifically tailored to your requirements.

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