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RFID labels

The use of RFID labels (wireless or transponder labels) for the identification of products and pallets in connection with goods transport has long been a topic of interest.

The advantages of RFID labels

RFID labels are able to do the same job as that of barcode labels. Pallets, for example, might carry ISO A5 or ISO A6 labels with logistical information such as GLNs, SSCCs, article numbers, expiry dates, weight - in both text form and encoded in barcodes. The same is the case on product labels. When pallets are unloaded, each article must be individually registered. Damaged and defective products need to be separated out and individually registered for return.

Would it be possible to reduce this workload by means of the use of RFID labels?

Yes, because bulk scanning of all units with RFID labels would be possible. After just one scan, all items with RFID labels would be registered and could then be unloaded or stored by the retailer, resulting in significant cost savings.

RFID systems use writer and reader devices. The data is transferred to the label printer by computer and the label is printed and the transponder programmed at the same time.

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