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Zebra Printers – Smart Technology for Smart Businesses

All Zebra products are label printers for industrial purposes. Because of their size they fit into the category of desktop printers, meaning their uses are flexible. The proportions of Zebra printers offer many application possibilities as well. Changing the time and place can be an offset that would not be achievable with other label devices. This printing system on the other hand can match today's highest demands: resolution, label size, quantity, interface and smart technology like RFID can all be customised according to your needs. You decide where and when you need a specific label, and the Zebra printer will deliver it accurately at the correct position.

Printers from Zebra Technology – Smart Printing is Business Philosophy

Zebra Technology is one of the world's most reliable producers of smart printing systems. Based in Lincolnshire, Illinos, the company maintains more than 50 offices around the world including England, the Netherlands, Singapore and China. Zebra is renowned for its thermal bar code label printers, RFID label printers and printer supplies. In fact, the system is so popular that more than 90 percent of the 500 top U.S. companies that are ranked within the Fortune Magazine List use printers manufactured by Zebra Technologies. Their development department has even delivered a specialised formatting language named ZPL (Zebra Programming Language), which allows the operator to control the formatting of the label and process the printing themselves.

Zebra's Xi4 Series – Lift Productivity with Faster Print Speed

The flagship of the company's desktop-line are printers of Zebra's Xi4 series, designed for excellent print quality managing high-volume orders and suitable for 24 hours of continuous operation. Its robust firmware will give early warnings in case of possible problems and reduce downtime to a minimum. Adding this to fast connection speed for data transfer, Zebra printers can lift the level of productivity for most companies working in the production, assembly and logistics industry. Because of their solid constructions, Xi4 printers work reliably and ensure consistent performance, even in the toughest environments. Zebra printers of the Xi4 series are available in different sizes fitting perfectly to your field of work:

  • Zebra 110 Xi4: The flexible label width allows printing up 4.5'' and the print head features variable resolution capabilities of 203, 300 or 600 dpi, making the machine especially suitable for shipping, storage and production purposes.
  • Zebra 140 Xi4: High speed printing is enabled up to 14''/sec. High performance and robust construction make the 140 Xi4 the perfect Zebra printer for high volume and critical orders as it supports round-the-clock-operations.
  • Zebra 170 Xi4: Standard labels like AIAG, ODETTE, UCC/EAN-128 and others, that must be available on demand and / or in large quantities, are printed effectively on this system.
  • Zebra 220 Xi4: The Zebra printer 220 Xi4 fits to required labels with a width of 8.5'' and a printing speed of 10''/sec. Broad labels for pallets, containers, chemical drums or crude metal is what makes this printer stand out. The 220 Xi4 is also recommended, if the need for printing labels in banner format is required.

Zebra printers encompass a wide array of types ranging from economical to high performance models. These thermal label printers support every label size between narrow-web, standard and wider-web. Increase your productivity with a Zebra printer that guarantees high quality with an easy integration system to print labels of your preference. 

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