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Industrial solutions for
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Geset labelling machine

Automatic labelling – fast, reliable, economical

Our Geset labelling machines represent a unique modular system “Made in Germany”. Up to 50 different modules allow us to perfectly match your labelling system to suit your specific requirements, wishes and local conditions. Naturally we can also supply you with suitable labels.

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Geset 100 labelling machine

Professional labelling of small series productions

The Geset 100 is a robust labelling machine designed to label small batch productions as accurately and flexibly as in large industrial plants. It is suited for intermittent use of just a few minutes per day and also for multiple shift operation. Geset 100 labelling machines may be integrated into existing production systems or operated as stand-alone, manually loaded solutions.

Geset 300 labelling machine

Labelling all-round and on the side

The Geset 300 labelling machine basic concept is for two-sided labelling of odd-shaped bottles without using shaped sets. The adaptation to specific products is achieved by simple adjustment of the machine components. Geset 300 labelling machines can handle label sizes up to 250 mm high and at clocking rates up to 250 labels per minute. Alignment and therefore highly accurate positioning of the labels is achieved in transport.

Geset 700 labelling machine

Customised solutions to meet specific requirements

Whether special guidelines apply or oddly shaped products need to be labelled: We will develop your optimal labelling system based on our unique modular system comprising more than 50 modules. This allows us to ensure that your solution will be economical even for highly specialised applications.


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