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Adhesion of labels

Adhesion is the term that defines bonding properties; bond strength is a factor influenced by the force of attachment of the adhesive to the substrate and carrier material surface and the adhesion of the material to which the adhesive is applied. It is defined relative to a particular material, usually steel or polyethylene. In order to measure adhesion, the adhesive in question is applied to a strip of material that is attached to a test plate and subsequently peeled off at an angle of 90° and 180° at a constant rate. The force required for removal is recorded. Adhesion is determined by the thickness of the adhesive, the nature of the material to which it is attached, the substrate and its surface and also temperature and humidity. This test procedure can be used to verify whether an adhesive label can be permanently attached or is peelable, enabling users to employ the right kind of label for specific applications. FTM 1 (FINAT test method No. 1) is the standard method of determining bond strength in such cases.

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