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E-commerce logistics automation – A quick guide

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow. That is what the customer wants and what you want to deliver. With optimal and automated e-commerce logistics, you will succeed. Whether you have 50 orders per day or 1000 orders per hour, shipping optimization pays off. What are you waiting for? Start now before it’s too late!

The growth in e-commerce

New webshops are being set up every day and the end is not yet in sight. In 2020, 13,000 new webshops were added in the Netherlands, and by 2040, it is expected that 95% of purchases will be made online. This means there is enough food for thought for the e-commerce sector as well as preparation for automation of the e-commerce logistics process.

What is e-commerce logistics?

From the goods that come in to the packages that are sent out to customers, e-commerce logistics is a complex process in which customer satisfaction is key.

The e-commerce logistics process can be divided into three phases: 1. income and storage of goods, 2. picking and sending orders and 3. the process of returns.

e-commerce logistiek magazijn

1. Income and storage of goods

Goods are received in bulk in the warehouse and have to be brought to the right place. If you manage this properly, for example with internal identification, the order picking process will be faster and you will have a clear stock management.

2. Picking and sending orders

Customers expect good packaging, the right articles and the package at their shipping address. This can be done manually, partially automated or fully automatic. The more automated, the fewer errors. And the more satisfied customers.

3. Processing returns

What is often forgotten is the enormous return flow that e-commerce logistics has to deal with. Customers order multiple sizes or colours. What is not good, is sent back. The average return percentage in 2020 was 13% and for fashion even 44%. Can you imagine what a cost factor that is? If you optimize the return process in advance, returns will cost less and customers will get their money back more quickly.

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How do I optimize my e-commerce logistics process?

Whether you have 50 orders per day or 1000 orders per hour, it is always interesting to take a close look at your e-commerce logistics process and optimise it. Ask yourself questions like: Is the demand of orders increasing? What are our ambitions? What are the obstacles in the e-commerce logistics process? What is done manually? What is automated? And are we ready for the future?

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Do you see room for improvement or automation opportunities?

Download our whitepaper ‘How to optimize your order shipping processes’ or get inspired by one of our optimization experts. He will help you find the right automation options that suit your business. You can schedule an inspiration meeting anytime with us!

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