A labeling machine printing labels over drink cups

Label automation: robot and labeler serve personalized drinking cups

It’s a match! When robots assist our labeling systems, they become a dream team for industrial label automation. With joined forces, they maximize efficiency, precision and process reliability in manufacturing and logistics. One of such innovative collaborations could be experienced recently at the world’s most important plastics exhibition, “K 2019” in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Weber Marking Systems was present as a technology partner at SEPRO Group’s booth, a globally renowned robot manufacturer from France. On display was an automation demo for injection molding machines. These are machines that form plastic parts, drinking cups in this case. Meanwhile, visitors could type their name or other short messages into a touch-screen computer to have their drinking cup personalized in the process.

A so-called cobot (short term for collaborative robot, which is an industrial robot that interacts with people in a shared space and in close proximity) took the molded cups from the molding machine and held it out to a print-and-apply labeler. The Legi-Air model from Weber Marking Systems printed the visitor’s text onto a label in no time and applied it precisely to the cylindrical drinking cup. Immediately after, the Cobot served the personalized cup to the visitor. The material of both the cup and the label is fully recyclable. Here’s the video:

The future for the friendship between robots and marking systems looks bright, too: The development towards smart factories that fully control and optimize all processes without human intervention will increasingly depend on automation. The necessary technologies are already fit for service today! Contact us if you would like to know how our marking systems can boost your productivity!

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