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Labelling more efficiently – 5 future-proof solutions

Reducing operating costs, increasing productivity and improving quality: Every manufacturing company has to pursue these goals. In this article, we will show you how to achieve them in production and logistics processes with the help of smart labeling systems from Weber Marking Systems!

All-electric labelling saves resources

Compressed air can kill your efficiency given that pneumatic systems are considered to be a major power eater in production plants. Pneumatic energy is also used in labeling machines, for example to generate the applicator movement. The development department of Weber Marking Systems has launched electric solutions like the new Legi-Air 4050 B to provide customers with numerous advantages in industrial labeling:

  • Cost reduction through less energy consumption
  • No or lower maintenance costs of the pneumatic system
  • Higher production output in labelling
  • More precision in label positioning
  • Better controllability
  • Longer life, less wear
  • No production downtime due to contaminated compressed air
Go beyond, be electric!
We introduce the first fully electric Print & Apply system belonging to the Legi-Air family, designed and launched specifically according to our customers need.

>> The new generation of Legi-Air

Robots and labelers join forces to boost your productivity

The development towards smart factories that fully control and optimize all processes without human intervention will increasingly depend on industrial automation. When robots assist our labeling systems, they become a dream team for industrial label automation. With joined forces, they maximize efficiency, precision and process reliability in manufacturing and logistics. We regularly present innovative collaborations such as our fun installation with Sepro Group, which served personalized drinking cup to the visitors.

Industrial automation starts with marking and coding:

pallet labelling

Our marking systems come with state-of-the-art interfaces for easy integration into your IoT environment – allowing more productivity, deeper data insights and innovative new services!

>> Learn more about it here

Zero-downtime solutions for continuous production

Malfunctions, breakdowns, lack of labels… if production stops because a machine has an error, it can get expensive for the company. In order to avoid this, Weber develops labeling systems with a zero-downtime option. In the past, zero-downtime functions were outsourced to large, external control systems housed in bulky control cabinets. Now, in the age of IoT, our labelers are already equipped with this option from the start. No more need to update the entire production line!

Say goodbye to unwanted interruptions:
Zero_DowntimeIn our interview, project engineer Jörg Emrich (Weber Marking Systems Germany) explains how productivity can be noticeably increased with the zero-downtime setup and which different modes are available to customers.

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Minimized downtime during batch changeover

The growing demand for product individualization and mass customization is changing manufacturing processes. Small batch production – down to lot size one – requires businesses to implement smart strategies and technologies for lean production and variant management. Time eaters may also lurk in labeling and marking processes along your production and logistics lines: Product diversity typically entails frequent changeover of equipment and settings. This leads to downtime at the expense of your efficiency. If you want to increase productivity, make sure to use labeling and marking systems that reduce set-up times in the best possible way.

Eliminate time-consuming activities:
Geset 314Our Geset 314 ZDT makes batch changeover seem like a breeze: Different labeling parameters, like position, angle and distance, can be stored in the programmable logic controller (PLC). At the touch of a button, the entire system automatically adapts all settings to the new batch with the help of small actuating drives. The PLC gives the machine the green light only if all the parameters were set correctly.

>> Batch changeover? Fully automatic!

Consider replacing labels with ink

Did you know that you can save up to 60% costs by replacing labels with inkjet printing? It is also more sustainable because there is no waste from backing paper. The ink cartridges are recyclable and only need to be replaced after several thousand codings. Weber Marking’s large-character inkjet printers, the new Markoprint integra PP 108 model in particular, make it possible.

Marking on cardboards: Labeling vs. direct printing
Cardboard boxes are perfect for transporting goods safely. Everything it takes is the right label for logistics, shipping or traceability. When exactly is direct marking just as suitable as applying labels? We compared both methods in terms of print quality, flexibility and speed.

>> Find out which method is best for you!

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