Labeling services and customer proximity in times of globalization

Globalization has become an indispensable part of today’s world, and companies in particular benefit from it. Lower labor costs, tax advantages and international trade are just a few of the benefits. In order to remain competitive and open up new markets, more and more companies are expanding. Nowadays, many have several production sites in different countries. Purchasing is often controlled centrally from one country. Not least because of volume prices and consistent quality standards in the individual branches, production-relevant systems in particular are purchased from one supplier or system integrator.

However, companies that use such complex systems in their production face questions in this context such as “Who will support me during installation?”, “How will rapid technician deployment be ensured in the event of a problem?” or “Do I have to take into account costs for technician deployment from distant countries if necessary and adjust to language barriers?”. The Bluhm Weber Group, which supplies marking systems to customers all over the world and is confronted with such questions, has answers to these.

Our global labeling network supports you on site worldwide

Time is money, especially for companies. That’s why every unnecessary delay, every standstill in production must be avoided. Installation, maintenance and service play a central role in this. This poses challenges for machine and plant manufacturers in the international market: Who will take care of the professional installation on site? How, for example, can service quality be ensured even over long distances? How can a quality gap in the service area between headquarters and the international subsidiaries or sales partners be avoided?

Weber Marking Systems GmbH, which as a member of the Bluhm Weber Group is responsible for the international market, has drawn up a detailed Global Network Program specifically for this purpose. This ensures smooth installation and maintenance of the marking systems by local distributors in the majority of countries worldwide. The specialist personnel trained by Weber Marking Systems Germany are available to provide customers with on-site advice and assistance, even if the systems were purchased through one of our partners in another country.

Weber partner map

Our new labeling service concept enables offline remote diagnostics

Weber Marking Systems has also developed a revolutionary service concept. It is currently only available for the Legi-Air 4050 E print and apply system, but is to be gradually extended to other systems. The new service concept is called Supporttrixx and enables reliable offline remote diagnosis by service technicians from Bluhm Weber. No direct connection to the system is requiredLegi-Air 4050E to see the actual status of the machine remotely. This is how it works: The system generates three QR codes in the event of a fault. In these, machine-relevant data, settings and events of the machine are encoded. All the operator then has to do on site is scan these QR codes with a smartphone and send them to the Bluhm Weber service team. The team reads the codes and receives all the important information about the current status of the machine. This prevents misunderstandings when describing the problem and enables the service team to provide rapid assistance.

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