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Coding on flexible packaging with thermal inkjet printers

Thermal inkjet printers such as those from our Markoprint range are high performers among industrial inkjet printers. Especially when it comes to availability, ease of use, maintenance cost and print resolution as well as print height. They are particulary valued for their excellent print results on porous materials such as cardboard, where they can even replace expensive labels. Thanks to their large variety of inks, they can also print on many non-absorbent surfaces.

Until recently, however, printing on flexible packaging such as plastic films was not considered to be one of their core strengths. Continuous inkjet printers would often do the job instead. Now is the time to do some serious rethinking, because the latest generation of HP Class printing technology is a game-changer: Our solvent-based inks open up new applications for the proven Markoprint printers!

Markoprint integra One IP with WiFi
Compact wonder: Markoprint integra One printhead
Markoprint integra Quadro inkjet printer controller
Markoprint integra Quadro controls up to 4 printheads

Solvent ink HP 2590 ideal for BOPP films and more

HP 2590 ink on foil packagingOur ink HP 2590 offers industrial-grade durability on untreated or excellent durability on treated polypropylene film (BOPP) and on a variety of other substrates, including PE, PET, UV, aluminum foil, and PVC. During production breaks, the printhead can remain uncovered for up to an hour without the ink drying up. The printing process can be started again immediately.

Key benefits:

  • Excellent durability on a variety of substrates
  • Excellent durability on plastic films (BOPP)
  • Fast dry time (3-5 seconds)
  • Long decap time – ideal for intermittent printing
  • Consistently high print quality for barcodes and text

Solvent ink HP 2580 ideal for flexible foils

GMP-zertifizierte Tinte für Markoprint Inkjet-DruckerHP 2580 ink was specially developed for coated film substrates. It enables a higher print distance of up to 5 mm between the print head and the print surface, which goes hand in hand with greater flexibility in packaging labeling. Due to its fast dry time, codes do not smear even if the products are stacked shortly after printing.

Key benefits:

  • Excellent durability on coated blister films
  • Long decap time – ideal for intermittent printing
  • Fast dry time without heat assistence
  • High print definition
  • Doesn’t smear or fade and is water-resistant
  • Faster print speeds
  • Longer throw distance (distance between print head and packaging)

GMP certified for food-safe printing

Flexible packaging is used particularly often in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers are subject to strict regulations to ensure the food safety in terms of consumer protection. Both HP inks have received Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification after extensive testing. It confirms that no chemical substances migrate from the packaging onto the food or pharmaceutical products.

Intelligent cartridges thanks to SmartCard feature

Markoprint KartuschenwechselA major advantage of our TIJ printers is the fact that they are maintenance-free, because a new printhead comes with every cartridge change. An innovative SmartCard feature saves your operators a lot of time and nerves: The intelligent cartridge monitoring system identifies the cartridge and the type of ink and automatically sets the correct parameters for optimal print results. That means, there is no need to adapt the settings manually when changing the ink. In addition, the ink level is recognized and reported to the controller in order to avoid unexpected downtimes. Thanks to the patented Click’n’Print holder, changing cartridges is a breeze!

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