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Markoprint ZTV HP Mk2

Central ink supply for Markoprint inkjet coding systems

For Markoprint inkjet printers, a new bulk ink system for central ink supply (CIS) is available for coding applications with a high consumption of ink. ZTV HP MK2 is suitable for quickly drying or solvent-based inks from Hewlett Packard.

  • Easy mounting of ink system
  • Reliable ink delivery
  • Manifold design
  • Electronic interfacing to the bulk ink cartridge
  • Ink level sensing
  • Large ink system minimize operator interventions
  • Advanced electronic functions enable operators to build in ink level monitors and signals to provide virtually uninterrupted printing during longer print runs
  • Material: VA
  • Weight (excl. tank and cartridges): Approx. 2,000 g
  • Ink tank content: 400 ml
  • Protection category: IP40
  • Current absorption: 24 V DC
  • Length of supply line to ink cartridge: 1,200 mm
  • Dimensions (excl. tank and supply line): 124.5 x 228.8 x 286.3 mm
  • Certification: CE
  • Versions: 1 to 4 printheads

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More than ten times the ink volume

The ZTV has a volume of 400 millilitres of ink, more than ten times more than the ink cartridge in the printhead itself. The frequency of ink changing is reduced significantly by using the ZTV. As soon as the ink tank is inserted in the system, its self pressurizes the ink supply. Using an interface directly on the cartridge itself, your current fill level is monitored in real time. If the Ink Level in the primary cartridge is low, a valve to the bulk tank opens and refills it automatically. The ZTV can supply one cartridge (X2JET) up to four cartridges (X4JET), simultaneously.

A cartridge can process a throughout volume of up to 1.2 litres before it needs to be replaced. This corresponds to the three ink tanks with a one-head system and 12 ink tanks with a four-head system.

Storage tank and cartridges interact via the SmartCard technology with an RS232 interface. The cartridges monitor ink levels in real time to the ink system and are automatically filled during the printing procedure. The filling level sensor integrated in the cartridges simultaneously prevents the cartridge from being overfilled with ink.

Featuring design flexibility

The ZTV HP MK2 HP is engineered as a robust, flexible bulk ink delivery system with advanced features to meet the needs of high-volume print applications where superior print quality, low cost per print, and minimal user intervention are required. This system offers designers the opportunity to configure almost
any combination of HP printhead and HP bulk ink cartridges to achieve the desired print capability.

Achieve high-quality output on a wide range of substrates. Our proven ink portfolio delivers high-quality text, graphics, and barcodes for applications that span multiple industries.


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