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How to label in cool environments

A label on a bag of chicory, a carton with a barcode for 8 packs of milk or a shipping label for a pallet in a cold store. Labeling cold storage is possible!

Many labels are applied to products, boxes and pallets in a cold environment. As a producer, you want the labels to be legible and stay in place. Not all labels are suitable for this and not all labeling machines can apply labels in a cold store.

In this blog post, we take you through what you need to consider when choosing the right (semi) automatic labeling method in a cold environment.


How to label in refrigerated or deep-freeze environments

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In order to label on a wet, cool or condensing environment, one must first understand how a label is manufactured.

A label consists of 4 layers: a topcoat, carrier, adhesive and a cover sheet. The combination of these materials ensures that the label sticks to the product and comes off when needed.

When labeling food and beverages, it is always wise to have a label expert look at the application. The label expert knows which special label-glue combination is needed for labeling at cold temperatures. In addition, he also knows which guidelines the labels must comply with.


How to label in a cold storage

There are various options for labeling in a cold store. What is important here is that the labeling machine is always in a warming environment. This can be done by placing the it in a cabinet or building a cabinet around it in which the temperature can be controlled.

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When the labeling machine detects the product, a door opens as briefly as possible from which the labeling arm emerges. Depending on the temperature in the production area, the labeling method is chosen and the enclosure made.



Conclusion: labeling in cool environments

Always be well advised when you want to label in a cool environment and choose a party that understands what you want to achieve and looks for the possible solutions so that you never have any surprises in the production process.

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