Industrial solutions for
product marking & coding
Industrial solutions for
product marking & coding
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Product overview


A vast and rapidly increasing number of a wide range of labels and thousands of tools for various label formats are available immediately. Add to this a wide range of special labels: labels resistant to water, oil and fats, safety labels, scented labels, labels resistant to UV light, extremely robust labels made of cast acrylate foil, and RFID labels. Every label produced to suit your specific needs.

Pre-printed labels

Coloured labels – ready to label.

Blank labels

Blank labels for you to print on.

Safety labels

Combating counterfeiting and manipulation.

Special labels

Meeting particularly high demands and for special applications.

Label printers

Desktop label printers are flexible in their applications, such as barcodes, for instance. Their size allows them to be made available on demand, flexibly in terms of time and place.

Colour label printers

Print your own multi-colour professional labels.

RFID printers

Code and printyour own RFID labels.

Label printers with dispenser

All-in-one equipment to print and dispense your labels.

Thermal transfer foil

Various colour ribbons for your label printer.

Labelling machines

A variety of labelling solutions are available for indirect labelling of products and packaging. Label applicators will apply preprinted labels onto products at high speed – from top, bottom, sides or all-round. Label printing applicators, on the other hand, will print labels using variable data before fully automatic application to the product or packaging. Both our label applicators and our printing applicator systems are based on our unique modular design.

Label applicators

Applicators that dispense pre-printed labels.

Label printing applicators

Label applicators with integrated printer.

RFID labellers

Code, print and dispense RFID labels.

Fully automatic units

Fully automatic modular labelling systems.

Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers are suited, among other, for identification of cartons, paper, wood, metal and many other materials. The scope ranges from simple marking of passing cartons to high-speed marking of hundreds of products per minute.


Drop-On-Demand inkjets (DOD)


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