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How to minimize downtime during batch changeover

The growing demand for product individualization and mass customization is changing manufacturing processes. Small batch production – down to lot size one – requires businesses to implement smart strategies and technologies for lean production and variant management.

Time eaters may also lurk in labeling and marking processes along your production and logistics lines: Product diversity typically entails frequent changeover of equipment and settings. This leads to downtime at the expense of your efficiency.

If you want to increase productivity, make sure to use labeling and marking systems that reduce set-up times in the best possible way. In this blog post, we introduce you to some outstanding solutions from Weber Marking Systems.

Labeling system Geset 314 ZDT (Zero Downtime)

This Geset labeling system has four integrated Alpha HSM label dispensers that label products from multiple sides or with two different types of labels. It is equipped with a color sensor that allows different labels to be applied depending on the product’s color. Without interruption, label rolls can be replaced during running operation.

Geset 314 ZDT makes batch changeover seem like a breeze: Different labeling parameters, like position, angle and distance, can be stored in the programmable logic controller (PLC). At the touch of a button, the entire system automatically adapts all settings to the new batch with the help of small actuating drives. The PLC gives the machine the green light only if all the parameters were set correctly.

labeling system Geset 314 ZDT with digital display

Geset 314 ZDT labeling system

Inkjet print system Markoprint integra Quadro

Industrial inkjet printers are a cost-effective solution to apply variable codes onto packaging and pre-printed labels. Our system Markoprint integra Quadro is a space-saving control unit for up to four inkjet print heads. They can be used simultaneously or alternately for four different printing positions – for example, on both primary and secondary packaging or on two independent production lines. Depending on print content and printing technologies, a fast printing speed of up to 240 m / min at 300 dpi is possible!

Markoprint integra Quadro inkjet printer controller
Markoprint integra Quadro print controller

Printing settings and label data can easily and quickly be changed via the intuitive control unit, right at the production line. The powerful Markoprint idesign software for the design and administration of print images is included with the purchase.

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