EPAL marked over a palette

Inkjet printing approved for EUR-pallet marking

Euro-pallets are load carriers that can be used multiple times. They are indispensable in the logistics world: Warehouses, shelving systems and truck loading areas are matched to the standardized dimensions of these industrial pallets. The most successful open pooling system is developed and safeguarded by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). The company association maintains all technical regulations such as the specification for the marking of the pallets.

Since 1 August 2019, the official test marks on the corner blocks (EPAL in oval form) and middle blocks (IPPC / ISPM 15 and EPAL code) can be applied by industrial inkjet printers. Up until then, only the branding iron technique was allowed.

According to an EPAL press release, the main reason for this decision was the introduction of the new EPAL CP pallets, where labels would have to be applied to smaller and differently sized blocks. Inkjet technology not only delivers high marking quality, but also offers greater versatility for future developments.

Inkjet printers mark reliably on almost all surfaces

Markoprint inkjet marking on wood
Inkjet marking on wood (drop-on-demand technology)
Industrial inkjet printer Markoprint integra Ultimate
Industrial inkjet printhead: Markoprint integra Ultimate

Industrial inkjet printers can mark a wide variety of products and packaging alongside the production line. They are extremely efficient and a perfect match for companies with high production speeds. The wide range of different inks enables excellent printing results on both smooth and absorbent materials. Because of their advantages, inkjet printers can even replace labeling systems and labels to save costs in internal logistics: Check out our comparison of labeling vs. direct printing on carton boxes!

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Title image from European Pallet Association e. V. (EPAL)