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Tamper evident: Labeling is key to anti-counterfeiting

Be it medicine, food or cosmetics: When opening certain products people want to be sure they are using safe products that have not been tampered with. It is a particularly hot topic with the upcoming deadline for the pharmaceutical industry in the EU: From February 2019, over-the-counter drug packages must be tamper-evident. An anti-tampering feature on the outer packaging is one of the safety features required in accordance with the Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU – the European parliament’s attempt to fight counterfeit medicinal products.

Anti-counterfeiting labeling is a matter of product safety and brand protection

In order for pharmacists, health personnel and consumers to recognize when the product was opened without authorization, the packaging must be visibly and irreversibly damaged when first opened. This is where safety labels, more precisely tamper evident labels or seal stickers, come into play.

Even though other methods such as cellophane wrapping, gluing or special folding procedures can be used for first opening protection, labeling is a great choice: labeling machines can be easily integrated into the existing production environment. Thus, high costs for new packaging and the rebuilding of the packaging line can be saved.

Types of anti-counterfeiting labels

For effective tamper indication and protection, labels must leave either a damaged perforation or visible residue on the package once it has been opened. There are various types such as the following:

  • Paper labels that will indicate tampering by tearing or delaminating
  • Void labels: When removed, the adhesive layer is visibly destroyed and a hidden warning message or pattern appears.
  • Self-destructive labels made of document foil: When peeled off, the upper material is destroyed leaving behind visible fragments that are very difficult to remove from the packaging.
  • Perforated labels: When the package is opened, the label is visibly destroyed along the perforation line.

For a discreet appearance, transparent labels are very suitable. They also ensure that text printed on the packaging remains legible despite being pasted over. On the other hand, white blank labels are available to provide additional information.

Tamper Evident labeling machines seals packaging automatically

A label dispenser can be easily integrated into existing production lines. Our space-saving, efficient and robust Tamper Evident labeler was made to apply seal stickers in the most convenient manner. It easily wraps labels around the corner edge of packaging such as folding boxes.

Even if you are not seeking for an anti-counterfeiting solution, it might still be the perfect solution for you: Some of our customers simply use the Tamper Evident labeler to automatically seal their packagings, such as carton trays for safe transport. Otherwise, Weber Marking can also offer you a different labeling solution that better fits your business, including drop on demand inkjet printing or RFID labeling systems.

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