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Barcode scanner – the easier way to administrate products

How do you read barcodes?

Barcode scanners are hand-held devices that are used to read the information encoded in a barcode. Barcode scanners are used for material management, in the retail and wholesale trade, the capital goods industries, warehouse management and many other sectors.

Dealing with articles and products is only possible with an appropriate method of efficient organisation. For this reason, barcode scanners were established, with the system used commercially for 40 years. From its origins in the USA, this technique spread across the world becoming the most reliable - as well as efficient form of administration for retailers and stockists. Since its inception, the technological advances have affected barcode scanners with complex systems readily available, that can not only scan codes but manage barcode printing as well.

Despite its complex system, the barcode scanner is easy to use and indispensable for the daily function of some businesses. Produced as a small and handy device, the technology behind it all is RFID, or radio-frequency identification and essentially recognises the authentication and localisation of items and things.

Barcode scanners offered by Weber Marking

Because customer’s needs are multifaceted, there are various ways to realise your own administration system. Using RFID-technology, Weber Marking offers different types of the barcode scanners :

  • Portable Slap & Ship
  • Mobile Slap & Ship
  • Print, Code & Apply
  • Print, Code & Apply Flag Tag
  • Print, Code & Apply Spine Tag

The devices, classified to the “Portable Slap & Ship”-solution belong to the most common devices of barcode scanners. Small and handheld, they are able to scan single codes. Additionally, they have a read and write unit available making them compatible to tags: The code content is transformed into an EPC, (electronic product code), allowing information to be written and tagged directly – without the use of an additional printer or device. These useful tags are easily to handle for the future use – even on complex surfaces like metal.

The “Mobile Slap & Ship”-solution of the barcode scanner

This is similar to the “Portable Slap & Ship” but is comparable to the desktop-printer R110 Xi4, that is commonly mounted on a mobile device. This will allow for more flexibility by writing and printing the tags on site. After the code is read and sent by the barcode scanner, the printer will create an EPC. After that, labels can be placed manually.

This also operates on the same level for the “Online Slap & Ship” method. The difference is that the printer is not mounted on a mobile device but installed on a fixed point. This is useful, when not all information given, as its online connection is able to gather material from a database or other sources.

Applying Tags easily

The so called complete solutions, allows you to write and to print tags on site. The print dispenser LA 5200 RFID is able to print up to 210 labels per minute and fold them accurately. This is the most effective solution for using a barcode scanner and creating labels all in one go.

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