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Label dispensers

Label dispensers use pre-printed labels and are employed for wrap-around labelling, for the labelling of top-surfaces, side panels, bases or front labelling. Depending on the dispenser, labels can be either continuously applied or in start/stop or cyclical operation.

Advantages taking our Alpha V40 as an example

  • universally applicable dispenser for virtually all industrial applications due to enormous system diversity
  • labelling without product stop through no-contact process
  • high speeds of up to 600 labels per minute by blow-box application
  • highly accurate labelling also on uneven surfaces through tamp-blow technology
  • fast and accurate positioning, + / - 1 mm through intelligent V40 control
  • simple integration into existing production lines through separate dispensing and control unit

Alpha-Labelers work quick, reliable and without any difficulty. The system is characterized by a simple handling and an enhanced scope of operation. The operation concept is consistently modular designed.


The Alpha-Laser writes variable additional information such as best before dates, graphics or logistics data on pre-printed labels immediately before application. The compact Alpha-Laser labels reliably and cost-effectively especially where large batches are processed and must be traced.


The Alpha TIJ comprises a label dispenser of the proven and renowned Alpha series and a thermal inkjet printer. With the Alpha TIJ variable information is printed without physical contact onto possibly pre-printed labels immediately before dispensing.


The new Alpha Quadro label dispenser offers you totally new possibilities in the field of labeling of products and packaging. This system’s special feature: several different label rolls can be processed simultaneously.


A core requirement of the European Directive 2011/62/EU that will come into force by 2016 is to equip the outer packaging of medicals with a tamper evident feature. Which should ensure the customer that he is the first opening the package.


Leaflet: Alpha-Labelers Overview


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