The labeling machine Legi-Air 4050 B

Fully Electric Labeling: The New Generation of Legi-Air

Legi-Air 4050 B is the new Print & Apply system in the portfolio of Weber Marking Systems, which will take your production to the next level. We introduce the first fully electric Print & Apply system belonging to the Legi-Air family, designed and launched specifically according to our customers need.

The Legi-Air series stands out from other labeling systems because of its modular construction and flexibility. These characteristics make your operation easier, while ensuring business continuity. We know that your production can’t stop, neither do our systems.

After listening to our customers’ needs and requests, our R&D team at Weber Marking Systems, together with our headquarters, developed a fully electric Print & Apply system. The new Legi-Air 4050 B is a fully electric system that ensures safe, fast and fit applications… while being electric!

What does it mean to be electric? The power of electricity allows to reduce up to 80% of the Total Cost of Operations, because of compressed air cutback.

A safe and fit system

Compact and friendly as the entire Legi-Air family, the 4050B works with all major printers’ engines while presenting a new smart software that permits easy reconfigurability. How many times have you faced the needs of changing settings due to new label sizes or matching different products characteristics? The 4050B software lets your production be more agile allowing these changes to be really easy and quick without needing mechanical adjustments. In addition, applicators’ low torque means safety during normal operation cycles, maintenance and supply changes.

Go beyond, Be Electric!

The Legi-Air 4050B is available with three different electric applicators:

  • Electrical Linear 250
  • Electrical Belt
  • Electrical Swing Arm

Last but not least, the Legi-Air 4050B is also available with a pneumatic applicator for contactless applications, especially for fragile products or surfaces.

Get to know LA4050B Blow Box here:

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