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RFID chips / RFID transponders

RFID systems consist of RFID chips and scanners to read the RFID code. In most cases, an RFID scanner uses induction coils to generate a high frequency electromagnetic field with a short range. This not only allows for data to be transferred but also supplies the transponder with energy. Active transponders with their own power supply are generally only used when there is the need to scan at greater distances and the cost of the RFID labels is not a critical factor. The13.56 MHz frequency is commonly employed.

An RFID chip can be as small as a grain of rice. The advantages of this technology are the small size of the chips, the ease of scanning and the low price of the transponders (in some cases, these cost less than €0.10). This new concept is gradually replacing the still widely used barcode system.

RFID chips for product identification

When it comes to the identification and tracking of products and pallets, an RFID chip can be readily incorporated in a label, thus allowing the wireless tracing of goods and containers that do not even need to be visible. Several RFID chips can be scanned simultaneously or shortly after each other, considerably reducing information collection time.

Defective RFID labels can be automatically identified.

RFID label dispensers by Weber Marking Systems test the programmed RFID chips prior to application and the bad-tag reject unit automatically removes any defective chips. This provides for greater logistical reliability and reduces defective identification.

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