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Labelling bottles all around

Customized Drinks GmbH uses Geset labelling machines to label ingredients for personalised beer brewing sets

We all know that tastes vary and if the beer in the liquor shop, for example, does not taste good you can simply brew your own beer. Customized Drinks GmbH makes this possible. With the so-called "brew keg", it offers a brewing set that contains all the ingredients required for brewing beer at home.

Customers can put together their individual beer set online in three easy steps. Up to 100 different beer flavours are possible. A modular system consisting of numerous flavours - fruit, herbs and spices, as well as woods and aroma hop - forms the basis for this beer diversity.

Customized GmbH clearly labels all components so that you will end up with a delicious beer at the end of the beer brewing process. The labels state exactly what the ingredients are and how they are to be dosed.

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Application report (PDF):

Labelling machine Geset 141P from Weber Marking Systems

The Geset 141 P, a semi-automatic labeller from Weber Marking Systems, is used for labelling the small bottles which are filled with, for example, the hop liquid. The core of this labeller is an Epson C7500 colour label printer with a connected labelling unit.

Advantages of this labelling solution:

  • Creation of high-quality individual colour labels
  • Bright colour labels with up to 1,200 dpi resolution
  • Water and solvent-resistant label printing
  • Consistently good quality due to regular automatic checking of the printing nozzles and print image monitoring
  • Flexible labelling of small batches
  • Up to 30 products per minute
  • Batches of 30 to 1,000 units at Customized Drinks
  • Wrinkle-free application of colour labels to bottles
  • Labelling bottles all around - precise and wrinkle-free labelling using the Wipe-On process

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