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Label printing dispensers are part of fully automatic logistics at shoe retailer Görtz

As many of us know, “Shoes can change your life – just ask Cinderella!”. German shoe retailer Ludwig Görtz GmbH understands this and his customers will not wait long for the change in their life: The required pair of shoes will be delivered to any of the 160 branches or directly to the customer’s doorstep within 24 hours. The shoe retailer boasts fully automatic logistics, ensuring that this service will run smoothly and no feet will be stressed. The label printing dispensers from Weber Marking Systems are an important component of this state-of-the-art system.

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Stock or first re-package or ship on immediately?

To ensure this will run smoothly, shoe retailer Görtz will, with every order, send his suppliers specific templates for a logistics label, to be prominently attached to the particular shipping carton. A carton will be scanned as soon as it arrives at the Görtz logistics centre. The ERP system now knows which item has been delivered by which supplier. The EDP needs only split seconds to determine whether the item must be stored, re-packaged or shipped on immediately. This information is encrypted in a barcode and sent to a Legi-Air 4050 label printing dispenser. The printing dispenser now prints a label with the particular barcode and applies this to the passing carton. All cartons thus marked will be scanned at several points and automatically routed through the warehouse. Packaging units that can be shipped on immediately will therefore reach goods dispatch within minutes where a second label printing dispenser will await them to apply the label needed for dispatch.

Legi-Air 4050 label printing dispensers have a modular design, allowing adaptation to the specific production environment. They were, for instance, installed lying down at Görtz, to allow labelling the cartons on the side. The applicator – the actual dispensing unit – has a 250 millimetres extension stroke. It applies the labels to their cartons by the so-called tamp-blow method, no contact required. Since strokes may reach up to 1 140 millimetres on extension, they will be able to reach across the widest of conveyors.

Labelling “without limits”

Legi-Air 4050 type label printing dispensers will adapt to suit a wide range of applications: Applicators that swivel 90 degrees may, for instance, be used to apply labels to both front and back of packaging. They will take up pre-printed labels one after the other and apply them onto the desired sides of a carton in a rotating movement. Other, so-called twin-tamp swivel applicators, are capable of labelling the front and top of passing products without stopping the products. It is even possible to dispense labels onto the inside of pipes or tubes or also “around corners” at varying length ratios, for instance, to allow reading information from two sides.

The label printing dispensers at Görtz apply a barcode and a dispatch label to one side. “Our Hamburg warehouse stocks 400 000 pairs of shoes and supplies close on 100 cities in Germany and Austria”, says Dennis Schumacher. This success story dates back to 1875 when Johann Ludwig Görtz and his spouse Catharina Christiana launched the first “Quality Shoe market” in Hamburg (Germany), on a 14 square metre area. Shoes have changed their lives ever since. Just like Cinderella!

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