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Special labels

Special labels by Weber Marking Systems meet the most diverse of requirements and have numerous specialized features, depending on their purpose. We can offer, for instance:

  • water-, oil- and grease-resistant labels with extremely adhesive glue, e.g. for labelling of car tyres or cutting discs.
  • Spunbonded fabric labels made of polyethylene continuous filament. These are resistant to water and many chemicals and solvents.
  • Safety labels which, when removed, break a metallised polyester foil, leaving behind legible marking on the surface.
  • Tags. These are robust, tear-proof and made of composite film – ideal for interior and exterior use. By dint of their paper coating, they are also perfect for customised marking at a later stage.
  • Labels made of cast acrylate foil. The labelling material has been developed for marking where high demands are made on durability and resistance against extremely high temperatures. The labels withstand UV light and the weather; they are also resistant to solvents and retain their shape.


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